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favourite sho minamimoto quotes

Bravely Second Cinematic Trailer with Gameplay


Rose LaLonde is messy-lanee-us
Kanaya Maryam is (???)

If you are, or know, either of these cosplayers, please shoot me an ask so I can give them credit.

Since Tumblr’s tagging system is Not Good, not all of my posts will make it into the tag. Please browse this tag on my blog to see all my photos.

I spy a Leia Rolando cosplayer! I know who she is, but OMG I forgot her tumblr DX I use to call her Taco though.




when the teacher keep teaching after the bell has already rang 


When you little shits didn’t shut the fuck up so I can do my fucking job and now we both have to stay longer





writing is hard

I feel this in my soul


Stole this from amenohoakari lol but I really love this picture of us! I was finally able to meet Celes even if it was for a couple of minutes. Now my next goal is to have Celes AND Zel meet up so we can be the derpy trio together :’D

BRUH, I MISS YOU ALREADY ;A; I miss our derpy trio so much ;~; We must bring them back to life and make them come true to reality!


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Today was the last day of Sacanime. I didn’t wear shoes throughout the whole day since those shoes were killing my feet and I still have those blisters, and I’d only wear the terrible shoes if I wanted to go to the merchandise hall, because staffs required it lol. I thought Red wasn’t gonna attend, but he called Root like the last minute when I was about to go. Red you suck. Also my uncle was looking for a person named Jo Jo (not Jo Jo’s Bizzare adventure), but he never found her, so we just looked around the merchandise hall to see what other stuff they got or something haha. Oh, and when I finally saw Suzume, we kinda squealed together. I wish we could’ve hung out for a bit longer, but I had to leave ;~;

Uhhhhh….. The end? Didn’t really do much on the last day but walked around a bit and sat down in the end.

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